First Aid – Could save your life

First Aid Training

While you are traveling and Living in your van or RV you may find yourself a great distance from a major city or town that is equipped with medical services. Always keep aware of the nearest Hospital or clinic in your area it could save your life!

Saying that, if you are 15 or more miles away it will be up to you to know how to take care of yourself or at least be able to stabilize yourself or partner for transport. Take the time to learn basic and advanced first aide that covers minor and major cuts and wounds, fractures, and other traumas. Your life may depend on it!

Having a good manual can provide you with the necessary information to treat the minor and major situation you could find yourself in.

Prepare yourself with a medium to advance first aid kit. You won’t be able to stop severe bleeding from a large cut with a band-aid!

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Best First Aid Kit or Travel First Aid Kit

Swiss Safe 2-in-1 First Aid Kit (120 Piece) + Bonus 32-Piece Mini First Aid Kit: Compact, Lightweight for Emergencies at Home, Outdoors, Car, Camping, Workplace, Hiking & Survival

Medium first aid kit

MFASCO – First Aid Kit – Complete Emergency Response Trauma Bag – for Natural Disasters

Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pack Clouting kit
Adventure Medical Kits Trauma Pak with Advanced Clotting Sponge to Stop Bleeding Fast – Zeolite Hemostatic Dressing, Trauma Kit, Bleeding Control Kits, IFAK, Tactical Medical

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