Remove clutter in van living

Fold able Wall Hooks, Great idea on how to remove clutter in van living

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If you are starting out on your Van Build or finished the Van Conversion you already know that space is limited. When you come back from a long day of hiking or cannoning everything ends up on a seat, floor or the bed. When you take off the backpack, rain coat or hat, where do you put everything? I have a tip for you! Fold able wall mounting hangers! Flip it and hang it! Now you can place these everyday use items up out of your way in a quick accessible location. These hooks can be installed anywhere and everywhere. In the closed position when not in use or with just a flip they are ready to do their job. Just hang it!

They come in many different models like wood finish or a more modern metal look pick the one that fits your style and order today!

Review this item from my Amazon Affiliate Link here

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