Help the Planet One Step at a time.

Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Natural Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush

We all can help save the planet one step at a time. If we all take baby steps we can make a difference together. Start today by using Bamboo Biodegradable  Toothbrush with Travel Case by using this one product think of the billion of plastic toothbrushes we can remove from our landfills every year.

Show you care and make this one change today! Order below.

natural bamboo toothbrush
  • 🌱ORGANIC MATERIAL🌱: If you have decided to start making more eco-friendly and green choices in the items in your life then deciding to try our natural bamboo toothbrush would be a great start. The wooden toothbrush feels very comfortable in your hand and mouth and makes your teeth feel really clean.
  • ❇️ EFFECTIVE ❇️ : Leafico biodegradable toothbrushes are numbered 1 to 4 making it easy for you to know which toothbrush belongs to who in your family. Your kids will be very satisfied with them giving you a wonderful opportunity to teach them about saving our planet and going zero waste. We also have included for you a travel bamboo case
  • 🌎 100% PLASTIC FREE & ZERO WASTE 🌎: You will love the whole concept of vegan, organic and 100% environmentally friendly compostable bamboo toothbrushes. With soft and comfortable medium BPA free bristles you will find them aesthetically pleasing to your hand and eye. The toothbrush handle, bristles, and packaging are all biodegradable!
  • 😁 NATURAL WHITENING 😁: Our recyclable toothbrush has a tapered front making it just the toothbrush for reaching those back molars giving you pearly whites for a wonderful smile. The medium soft bristles are designed specifically for sensitive teeth and gums. The charcoal infused bristles are for natural whitening and are naturally antibacterial. All this makes Leafico bamboo toothbrush a perfect zero waste gift !
natural bamboo toothbrush
natural bamboo toothbrush
natural bamboo toothbrush
natural bamboo toothbrush

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