Keep your Van or RV cabinet doors open when parked on uneven ground.

Douper Lid Support Hinge in Satin Nickel Lid Stay with Soft Close Toy Box Hinge Support Drop Lids of Cabinets Cupboard Wardrobe Max Weight Support 40lb/2pcs

It is very annoying when you are living in your conversion van or RV parked on the uneven ground and open a cabinet door only to have it close before you are done removing something or stay open in the way.

Now you can open any door in any position and it will stay in that position when using Douper Lid Support Hinge. These hinges have an adjustable tension you can change to meet your desired setting. It can hold a cabinet door or hatch open in any direction up to 40.lbs

Install the Douper Lid Support Hinge on your doors and never be bothered with cabinets not staying open or closed when you want them to be. Now you want have to hold the door open to get something out.

  • Made of durbale Zinc alloy in Satin Nickel, quality assurance
  • Suitable for lids or flaps when a soft closing motion is required, holds the door in any open position or lets it slide down gently
  • Each Lid Stay can be used for Right or Left Hand Mounting, by changing the installation size on turn over the door opening angle can be adjusted in the largest 75°、90° and 110°position
  • Fully adjustable for different(Max 40lbs/2pcs)weights by turning a screw at the middle of the arm to setup correct friction pressure
  • Quality product, screws and install instructions included

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