Spare Serpentine Belt

Keep a Spare Serpentine Belt

When traveling in your Conversion van or RV over many miles in the heat of the summer your serpentine belt becomes worn out. Check it often when you stop for gas along with your other routine checks.

serpentine belt

Check for shiny areas called Glazing, cracking or frayed areas. If your belt shows any of these early signs change it! When driving for a long period of time or in a hot area stopping and going is when the belt will usually fail. Leaving you stranded. You can often see pieces of a serpentine belt along the highway in the summer.

Without your serpentine belt, you are not going anywhere. After you are towed to a repair station if they don’t have your model you could be stranded until one can be ordered. The serpentine belt operated your water pump to cool the engine, AC and turns your alternator providing you with electricity.

Keep one on hand in your conversion van or RV you will be ready for one of the worst problems you can run into.

serpentine belt

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