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Mobile off road Photography office

Hello everyone,

My name is Robert Becker, I am a professional photographer for over 16 year. I am raising funds to build a mobile photography office that will allow me to go off road where most vehicles cannot go. This will allow me to reach remote locations to photograph amazing place and provide beautiful photos for everyone to see through social media and my website.

My goal is raising funds to purchase this vehicle and build it to meet my needs as an off road/off-grid office allowing me to live in it as I work photographing these remote locations. Using this vehicle, I plan to travel to US, Canada national parks and national forest to photograph animals, wildlife and scenic landscapes.

This will be a journey that I would like everyone to follow. I plan to document the van build using YouTube and other social media outlets. When the build is complete, I will video my travels to national parks and to other destinations where everyone can fallow my travels watching where I go and what each destination has to offer through my photography and videos.

Thank you for your time and I hope you join me on my adventures… Please share

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