Best AGM Batteries for your van build Solar Set up

If you want the top of the line batteries for your conversion van take a look at these AGM Batteries. They have been tested hard in the marine world. The thin width of these batteries can save on space in your van build or RV. We all use the extra space.

Have a look at these batteries and you want go wrong. If you want the best and you can afford it make the jump for your solar setup.

ODYSSEY Marine Battery Model PC1800-FT

  • – 12 Volt – PHCA 1550 – CCA 810 – HCA 1325 – MCA 1175 – 13.03″x6.63″x7.78″ – 60.9lbs – Terminal M6 Receptacle or SAE 3/8″ Receptacle – More Power and Longer Life Than Conventional Batteries – 99.99% Pure Lead

NorthStar SMSAGM 220

  • NSB-SMS 220 Pure lead AGM Battery
  • Reserve capacity 220 min
  • CCA 950A Pulse CA 1750A
  • 3000-5000 watt
  • Warranty 2 full year

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