Best Bluetooth Speakers for 2019

Best Wireless Bluetooth speaker for your conversion van Fill your conversion van with amazing high quality sound in a little package. Wireless speaker with plenty of richer and louder sound will make your van living experience richer. Carry these smart wireless bluetooth speaker inside and out side your conversion van, RV or anywhere with out... Continue Reading →

Know your tire pressure

Know your tire pressure on your conversion van? ZEEPIN TPMS Solar Power Universal, Wireless Tire Pressure Monitoring System with 4 DIY Sensors, Real-time Displays 4 Tires' Pressure and Temperature TPMS Always know your tire pressure in your RV or conversion van with this wireless tire pressure monitoring system. 4 DIY senors monitor your tire pressure... Continue Reading →

2- Way Radios – Stay in touch

Stay in touch with family in emergencies situations? Midland - LXT630VP3, 36 Channel FRS Two-Way Radio - Up to 30 Mile Range Walkie Talkie During your travels in van living you will find yourself in remote areas. What better way to keep in touch with your significant other than a set of 2-way radios. They... Continue Reading →

Remove clutter in van living

Fold able Wall Hooks, Great idea on how to remove clutter in van living Review this item from my Amazon Affiliate Link here If you are starting out on your Van Build or finished the Van Conversion you already know that space is limited. When you come back from a long day of hiking or... Continue Reading →

Simple Van Living Shower

Weed sprayer shower EasyGO Products Rinse All Pw10 2.1 Gallon-Car Washer Kit-Portable Camp Shower with Heavy Duty Pump Handle I began writing a post on how to build your own DIY weed sprayer shower. After some research I found there is already a couple on the market cheaper than what it would cost to make... Continue Reading →

Portable Charger for your iPhone

USB Ultra High Capacity Power Bank Anker PowerCore 20100 - Ultra High Capacity Power Bank with 4.8A Output, PowerIQ Technology for iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy and More Never let your mobile device low battery get you down again! In this digital age, we live in, we can’t afford to run out of battery life!... Continue Reading →

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