Help the Planet One Step at a time.

Biodegradable Eco-Friendly Natural Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrush We all can help save the planet one step at a time. If we all take baby steps we can make a difference together. Start today by using Bamboo Biodegradable  Toothbrush with Travel Case by using this one product think of the billion of plastic toothbrushes we can remove... Continue Reading →

Bucket Potty for simple van living toilet

Portable Bucket Potty Reliance Products Hassock Portable Lightweight Self-Contained Toilet The most simple and lightweight option for a Conversion van toilet is the portable Bucket style porta potty. It consists as you might guess of a bucket with a seat. You place a plastic bag inside the bucket and conduct your business. When finished seal... Continue Reading →

Dr. Bronner’s Pure-Castile Soap

Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile soap was made for people enjoying Van living! You can use it to wash your hair, teeth, face, body, and clothes! Also recommended to use a liquid hand soap dispenser w/Foaming pump. If you are living full time in an RV or living on the road full time in a conversion van,... Continue Reading →

Trasharoo Spare Tire Bag

Keep Your Trash Outside Keeping your van clean and smelling nice, keep your trash outside. Removing the trash from inside your home on wheels will remove the odor from food containers. Not only will it keep you van or RV from reeking of bad odors, but it will also keep the insects down. Use a... Continue Reading →

Simple Van Living Shower

Weed sprayer shower EasyGO Products Rinse All Pw10 2.1 Gallon-Car Washer Kit-Portable Camp Shower with Heavy Duty Pump Handle I began writing a post on how to build your own DIY weed sprayer shower. After some research I found there is already a couple on the market cheaper than what it would cost to make... Continue Reading →

Cleaner Hair without water

Use Dry Shampoo in your van life Review this item from my Amazon Affiliate Link here This one is for the ladies. We all know how important it is for women to have long flowing beautiful hair. Van living can be a challenge for women in this area. There are a few items to help... Continue Reading →

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