Sprinter camper van Spare Serpentine Belt

What does a serpentine belt do The serpentine belt is an essential role in running your Van campers systems. It serpentine belt powers the alternator, the power steering pump, the air conditioning compressor and, in some vehicles, powers the water pump. Serpentine belt noise When your serpentine belt becomes Worn and or Cracked the belts have grooves which... Continue Reading →

Campervan life Reusable Hand Warmers

Save Money Use Reusable Hand or body Warmers in van life Stop wasting money on disposable hand warmers, get HotSnapZ Reusable Hand Warmers Keep yourself warm Living the Van camper Life in the winter months with the HotSnapZ Hand Warmers. These amazing reusable pocket warmers can be activated with a push of your finger heating... Continue Reading →

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