Emergency Food Just in case?

You never know when something can go wrong and you find yourself stranded in a remote area. Most of us living in a van full time or part time in our conversion van only carry a week or two of food. What if you were stranded and had to wait until someone found you? Now... Continue Reading →

Spare Serpentine Belt for your camper van

Keep a Spare Serpentine Belt When traveling in your Sprinter Conversion van or RV over many miles in the heat of the summer your serpentine belt becomes worn out. Check it often when you stop for gas along with your other routine checks. Check for shiny areas called Glazing, cracking or frayed areas. If your... Continue Reading →

Get a Good Set of Tools

Have a good set of tools in your Conversion Van or RV When you are RV living or living in a conversion van something is going to break someday. Be able to repair the normal things and at least have the tools to mend something big until you can make it to the repair shop.... Continue Reading →

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