Create shade anywhere

Van conversion ideas for creating your own shade. Sometimes in vanlife you will have a campsite with no shade and with the sun beating down on you things will heat up fast. If you provide shade over the entrance of you van, this will keep the ground outside your van cooler. Keeping things inside cooler... Continue Reading →

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Best Camp Table

It is nice to have a place to sit outside of your campervan or RV to enjoy the campsite you found. Have a nice dinner or work place. Here are two of the best selling portable tables to cover your needs. These portable tables collapse down into there one bags for easy storage. Some have... Continue Reading →

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Electrical switch Panels

Create your own cool electrical switch panel like they have in the fancy campervans and RV's. Here are some van conversion ideas for your electrical panel setup. Everyone loves to see the cool control panels in Vans were they control the lights, water pumps and all the other on board equipment but you never knew... Continue Reading →

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Best Portable Projectors for movie night

Leave the big monitors and TV's at home. Now you can carry a small portable projector in all your camping travels and have movie night anywhere in your campervan. The new portable mini projectors give you many option to watch your movies, TV series or videos. You can plug in your laptop, phone or even... Continue Reading →

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Best Freezer Fridge Sliding Trays

If you are working on your van conversion or have a finished the van build and have installed a Freezer Fridge make it more accessible by installing a Freezer Fridge Sliding Tray. This will make it easier and more convenient to reach the items when preparing your meals everyday while camping in vanlife. Freezer Fridge... Continue Reading →

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Best Window reflectix & insulators for your van

Conversion ideas for insulating. Best ways to insulate your sprinter campervan windows from the cold winter months or the hot sunny days. Add window reflectix to block out the sun or hold the heat in your sprinter van conversion. Using these different types of insulators and reflectix can help control the temperature inside your RV... Continue Reading →

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Heavy Duty Drawer Slides

Build a slide out Kitchen in your van Conversion ideas for a slide out bed box. Build your own slide out kitchen or slide out fridge tray in your campervan with these new Heavy duty drawer slides. Save space while at the same time having a really cool slide out kitchen. The slides are self... Continue Reading →

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Best USB Fans

Van conversion ideas for van life. Keep the air moving in your campervan or RV with a USB mini fan. Plug in one of these USB fans into a USB outlet and point it in your direction. Feel the breeze were you are sitting in your van camping. Don't let the warm days get you... Continue Reading →

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Best cup of Coffee #vanlife

How to make the best cup of coffee in Vanlife. There is nothing like a great cup of coffee in van living! If you are like me, you enjoy coffee in the morning. Not just any cup of joe, but a nice cup of coffee. It starts with grinding your own beans while taking the... Continue Reading →

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Solar water pump over an RV water pump?

Van conversion ideas on using a different type of water pumps. If you are installing a water pump in your conversion van you may want to consider using a solar water pump instead of a standard RV water pump. Solar water pumps are much more quiet. The water pressure is lower and will save on... Continue Reading →

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Save space with Nesting Cookware

We all know how important space is when Van living in our campervans or RV's full time. One of the biggest complaints in RV living is how much space pots and pans take up in kitchen or galley. When you open a drawer or cabinet stuffed with cookware of every shape and size in your... Continue Reading →

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Need Hot water in your van?

Electric Water Heaters Is it time to add hot water in your campervan? Here are some electric and propane water heating units to look over. If you have been doing everything in your vanlife using cold water and want to move up and make the change check out your option here. Next time you go... Continue Reading →

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Lithium batteries for your solar van setup?

If you want the best for long term saving and can afford the price consider going with Lithium batteries for your campervan. This Battle Born kit comes with almost everything you need. Pick up an inverter along with some solar panels and your ready to go on your conversion van build. Check this Lithium bundle... Continue Reading →

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360 Degree view outside your CamperVan

360 Degree Bird View Panoramic System Waterproof Seamless 4 Camera Car DVR Universal Recording Parking Rear View Cam Would it be helpful for you to see all four sides of your campervan from inside? How great would it be if you could see 360 degrees around your van when you are backing up into a... Continue Reading →

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Best Portable Mini Generators for VanLife!

Van conversion ideas for providing your own electrical power off grid. Living in your conversion van or RV full time you may find yourself without electrical power hook ups or it may be too overcast where your solar system can't keep up. If you find yourself in either situation consider having a 2000 watt mini... Continue Reading →

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Gas top countertop stove

Van conversion ideas for countertop gas stoves. Looking to upgrade your stove in your campervan or RV? Add a new stove in your camper van. Here are a few models for your next project. Stainless steel tops well made gas stove to add in your conversion van for your next camping trip. Atwood (56472) DV... Continue Reading →

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Light up your Van life nights!

Van conversion ideas for your lighting needs. If you are building your conversion van or upgrading the inside consider adding these LED lights with wall dimmer switch. You can light up the inside of your van like one of those expensive RV. They consumes lower power saving your battery power and come in cool white... Continue Reading →

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The Art of cooking with solar

Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner Portable induction cooktops are a great way to cook in your RV or conversion vans if you are set up with solar power or have a generator. The portable induction cooktops are 90 percent more efficient than cooking with gas. You can cook your meals faster with less energy waste.... Continue Reading →

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Must have RV accessory

Magnetic Knife Holder for your Van Galley Magnetic Knife Holder, Ouddy 16 Inch Stainless Steel Magnetic Knife Bar Installing an magnetic knife holder in your RV or conversion van can free up storage space in your drawers while allowing quick access to cooking knifes when you need them. The magnetic knife holder also creates a... Continue Reading →

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Save Money on Propane Tanks?

Reduce landfill waste by Use Refillable Propane Tanks Camping on the weekend or living in a conversion van full time if you are using disposable propane tanks to cook your meals or heat your RV or Van life consider using refillable propane tanks. By using refillable propane tanks you will save money and at the... Continue Reading →

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RV hand water pump

If you are building a conversion van and you want a sink with a faucet but you don't want the hazel of dealing with electrical pumps consider installing a hand pump sink. Installing a manual hand pump or foot pump in your campervan build will allow you to pump water from a water tank under... Continue Reading →

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Best Solar Generator for Van Living

If you're looking for a clean power source in your CamperVan or RV living? Installing solar panels on your conversion van is not an option, consider a solar powered generator to supply your solar energy needs. Solar power generators can supply you with your electrical needs inside and outside your conversion van. Solar generators can... Continue Reading →

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Best Bluetooth Speakers for 2019

Best Wireless Bluetooth speaker for your conversion van Fill your conversion van with amazing high quality sound in a little package. Wireless speaker with plenty of richer and louder sound will make your van living experience richer. Carry these smart wireless bluetooth speaker inside and out side your conversion van, RV or anywhere with out... Continue Reading →

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Best campervan Fridge for Van Life 2019

Pick the Best Fridge for your van life Find the best Camper fridge while living in your campervan or RV. These Fridge come either as a Fridge and or Fridge, Freezer combo. Pick the one that meets your size and needs in your vanlife. Find the Best 12 volt Portable Refrigerator Freezer in 2019. Having... Continue Reading →

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Custom Sink

Create a Custom Sink in your Conversion Van Create something different when designing the galley in your van build! Why not build something that will stand out in your van conversion. Wood bowl sink! Most van builds have a standard stainless-steel sink. Stainless steel will provide a great long lasting and functional sink. If you... Continue Reading →

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Sink/Stove Combination

Sink & Stove Combo for your van build! Van conversion ideas for designing your campervan or working on you Van Conversion? If you are designing your galley layout and find you are low on counter top space, consider a Sink and Stove combo! When these two amenities are combined into one unit it can save... Continue Reading →

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Best Portable Camp Stove for your conversion van?

Van conversion ideas for find the best portable camp stove for your vanlife. Portable Cooking Stoves are available in many types and sizes. Deciding on what your needs are will help you choose which stove is right for you. Take into consideration how you will be cooking your meal. Do you need one burner or... Continue Reading →

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Simple water filter system for your van life?

This portable water tank could change your simple van life in many ways. MULTI-PURPOSE: Perfect for van life, Not only is it a water tank, water purification and provides hand operated water pressure for cleaning hands, dishes or a nice shower. If you are just starting out in a van conversion you with out a... Continue Reading →

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Best Portable water heater & camp showers for VanLife

Instant Portable Hot Water Having hot running water and a hot shower can make your VanLife a lot more enjoyable when camping. Some van conversions don’t have running water, or they may not have hot running water. There is no reason to drudge through vanlife like that. There are many options to provide you with one of... Continue Reading →

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Remove clutter in van living

Fold able Wall Hooks, Great idea on how to remove clutter in van living Review this item from my Amazon Affiliate Link here If you are starting out on your Van Build or finished the Van Conversion you already know that space is limited. When you come back from a long day of hiking or... Continue Reading →

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Simple Van Living Shower

Weed sprayer shower EasyGO Products Rinse All Pw10 2.1 Gallon-Car Washer Kit-Portable Camp Shower with Heavy Duty Pump Handle I began writing a post on how to build your own DIY weed sprayer shower. After some research I found there is already a couple on the market cheaper than what it would cost to make... Continue Reading →

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Most Popular Smart Speaker

Now everyone in van life can have their own person assistant. Just by your voice you can play your favorite music without lifting a finger. Ask Alexa to play music, answer questions, read the news, check the weather, set alarms, control compatible smart home devices, and more. Stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify,... Continue Reading →

Stream on the Big Screen

Fire TV Stick streaming media player with Alexa built in, includes Alexa Voice Remote Being able to watch movies in your campervan while camping is the best thing in vanlife! This product is a great van conversion idea Just plug Fire TV Stick into your HDTV and start streaming in minutes. With the Alexa Voice... Continue Reading →


Collagen Peptides Powder | Non-GMO Verified, Certified Paleo Friendly and Gluten Free  Having your campervan for a home is amazing. Take the time in vanlife and van living to eat healthy. Even if you are camping you can take care of yourself with new health supplements. Everyone can use more Collagen. Collagen is one of... Continue Reading →

Motion activated led light

URPOWER Solar Lights Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor Outdoor Light  When you are camping in the back country and you hear something outside your conversion van what do you do? Now if something moves outside your van these new motion activated led lights will turn on illuminating whatever is moving outside your van. Place one of... Continue Reading →

No Toilet paper, No problem!

Luxe Bidet Neo 120 - Self Cleaning Nozzle - Fresh Water Non-Electric Mechanical Bidet Toilet Attachment During these trying time with the coronavirus out brake and a shortage of toilet paper there is an alternative that can at least make your bathroom experience and the shortage of toilte paper less stressful. Many european countries already... Continue Reading →

DIY Bathing spray

Great conversion van ideas for a quick bath. Make your own Bath body spray and enjoy a natural body spray with the fragrance you want. You can also create bed spays using the essential oils of lavender to help you sleep better with the fragrance of a lavender field. Creating a natural body spray is... Continue Reading →

Cleaner Teeth on the road

Oral-B Pro 1000 CrossAction Electric Toothbrush Keep your vanlife fresh with an Oral B toothbrush. Living in a campervan you are in tight quarters. Keep your teeth clean and fresh while camping. Make your teeth feel like you just came from the dentist every time you brush. Cleaner teeth means less cavities and who wants... Continue Reading →

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