Motion activated led light

URPOWER Solar Lights Wireless Waterproof Motion Sensor Outdoor Light  When you are camping in the back country and you hear something outside your conversion van what do you do? Now if something moves outside your van these new motion activated led lights will turn on illuminating whatever is moving outside your van. Place one of... Continue Reading →

Create shade anywhere

Van conversion ideas for creating your own shade. Sometimes in vanlife you will have a campsite with no shade and with the sun beating down on you things will heat up fast. If you provide shade over the entrance of you van, this will keep the ground outside your van cooler. Keeping things inside cooler... Continue Reading →

Best Camp Table

It is nice to have a place to sit outside of your campervan or RV to enjoy the campsite you found. Have a nice dinner or work place. Here are two of the best selling portable tables to cover your needs. These portable tables collapse down into there one bags for easy storage. Some have... Continue Reading →

Best Portable Campfire Pit

Enjoy campfires with less smoke in your face Tired of arriving at a great camping spot finding or building a fire pit, lighting your fire and spending most of the time changing your position trying to dodge all the smoke in your face? When it is time to break camp remove all the stones from... Continue Reading →

Best Travel Camera with Gimbal stabilizer

Create better travel adventure videos with the new DJI Osmo Pocket camera. This little camera has amazing auto face tracking, stabilization plus 3 Axis Gimbal stabilizer. Small compact size allows you to take it everywhere you want to go in your campervan. Now you can create videos that look more professional without the big price... Continue Reading →

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