Heavy Duty Drawer Slides for camper van

Heavy Duty Drawer Slides Locking

Build a slide out Kitchen in your sprinter van conversion

When it comes to camper van conversions, heavy-duty drawer slides are an essential component for any big project like a slide-out galley kitchen, slide-out refrigerator freezer, or storage compartment. Heavy-duty drawer slides are designed to handle more weight and provide more stability than standard drawer slides, making them ideal for camper van conversions. In this article, we’ll explore how heavy-duty drawer slides can handle big projects in your camper van.

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity of a drawer slide is one of the most important factors to consider when selecting a slide for a camper van conversion. Heavy-duty drawer slides are designed to support more weight than standard drawer slides. For example, a heavy-duty drawer slide may have a weight capacity of 500 pounds or more, while a standard drawer slide may only support 100 pounds. This makes heavy-duty drawer slides ideal for slide-out galley kitchens or slide-out refrigerator freezers.

Slide Length

When working on a camper van conversion, you may need a longer slide length than what is typically found in standard drawer slides. Heavy-duty drawer slides are available in longer lengths, which makes them suitable for larger projects like slide-out galley kitchens and slide-out refrigerator freezers. These longer slides can also provide more stability and reduce the risk of the slide sagging or bending under the weight of the project.

Locking Mechanisms

Heavy-duty drawer slides often come with locking mechanisms to keep the slide securely closed when not in use. This is especially important for projects like slide-out galley kitchens or slide-out refrigerator freezers in a camper van, where the contents need to stay in place during travel or rough terrain. Locking mechanisms ensure that the contents of the slide-out do not shift, spill, or become damaged while driving.

Materials and Construction

Heavy-duty drawer slides are constructed with materials that can handle the weight and stress of camper van conversions. They are often made of high-quality steel or aluminum, which provides durability and strength. The construction of heavy-duty drawer slides also includes features like ball bearings, which provide smooth and easy movement, even under heavy loads. This is particularly important in a camper van where space is limited, and efficient use of space is critical.


Installing heavy-duty drawer slides requires more attention to detail and precision than standard drawer slides. It is important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully and ensure that the slides are installed correctly. Improper installation can lead to sagging or bending, which can compromise the integrity of the project. When installing heavy-duty drawer slides in a camper van, it is essential to ensure that the slides are anchored securely to the van’s structure to prevent damage during travel.


Heavy-duty drawer slides are an essential component for any big project in your camper van, such as slide-out galley kitchens, slide-out refrigerator freezers, or storage compartments. They are designed to support more weight and provide more stability than standard drawer slides. When selecting heavy-duty drawer slides for your camper van conversion project, consider the weight capacity, slide length, locking mechanisms, materials and construction, and proper installation. With the right heavy-duty drawer slides, you can ensure that your camper van conversion project is safe, stable, and functional.

The van camper Heavy duty drawer slides can handle up to 264 lbs. Your slide out kitchen can be a simple slide out box or if you are creative, it can have multiple stages with mercedes camper van drawers and cutting boards in your. Ambulance conversion idea.

Do it yourself. Let your imaginations run wild and build an amazing conversion van camper slide out kitchen for your sprinter van build. Add a heavy drawer slide to your camper gear and enjoy the ease in your vanlife. Ambulance camper conversion ideas

7 Ways Drawer slides can help you

  • Slide out Drawers
  • Slide out Kitchen or galley
  • Slide out Stove
  • Slide out cook top
  • Slide out Fridge
  • Slide out work or food preparation surface
  • Slide out Table to eat or work on

Ultimate DIY Camp Kitchen

Heavy Duty Drawer Slides for your camper van
  • Made from high-grade cold-rolled steel, ensuring quality and longevity.
  • Double row steel ball bearing action slides that ensure smooth and quiet performance.
  • Self-locking Device. Lock is available when full open and close.
  • Detachable design, easy to install.
  • Comes a set of 2 pieces, practical and economical.

Get your Slides and Start your build today If you are a handy person!

6 Pairs of 14 Inch Hardware 3-Section Soft Close Full Extension Ball Bearing Side Mount Drawer Slides
  • 6 pairs of 14 inch,mounting screws included (extra screws offered for spare use). Attention: the mounting brackets are not included,please buy separately if need it.
  • ★ Side mounted Steel ball-bearing action.100 LB capacity.14” in length.1.77” in width.0.5” in thickness.
  • ★ Zinc Plated and made of solid cold rolled steel.Rust resistant for your lifetime use.
  • ★ Soft-Close Design.Double springs design produces less noise at closing and opening,creating a silent life environment for your family.
  • ★ Guide for Choosing Size of Drawer Slides:To determine which size of slides are good for your drawer, please measure the length of the drawer without the frame board. And if the length is not even, please choose 1 inch shorter. The length of slides can’t be longer than the cabinet case depth.And face frame cabinets will require a rear mounting bracket, whereas for faceless cabinets the slides are mounted directly on the side.

DIY Van Slide Out Storage

Self locking drawer slides

Building your own Reliable sliding drawers can be rewarding if you think you can build them yourself

More Drawer slide


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