4 Best Stove Options for Van campers

Campervan stove

If you are looking for a cooking option for your camper van, I have add four van camper stove options to give you some ideas on what might work best for your van life cooking needs. Here are my 4 camper van stove options.

4 Camper van stove options

  • Portable Propane Camping Stove
  • Marine Camper van sink Stove combo
  • Countertop Propane Stove
  • Electric Induction cooktop

Best propane stove for van

What is the best propane stove for a van? That will depend on a few things. Would you like the option the portable camping stove gives you to cooking inside or outside your van or having a counter top propane stove mounted inside the van?

2-burner propane camp stove

Portable 2-burner propane camp stove provides the van camper owner the options of cooking inside or outside the van. Enjoy cooking your meals in nature out side while camping in your van and if the weather turns bad you can move back inside the camper van with ease.

2-burner propane camp stove

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Best propane stove for van life

Some van owners may like the camper 2 burner gas stove with sink combo for a simple durable dual use platform. This type of stove-sink setup makes for easy clean up and when not in use two glass doors cover the sink and dual burner providing more usable counter space.

Van build ideas

Caravan RV Camper 2 Burner LPG Gas Stove Hob and Sink Combo

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Best 2 burner stove for van life

Install a 2 burner stove in the camper vans counter top will give the van a more home like feeling and look if that is more of your liking. This way your galley is always ready for use at any time providing a nice classy clean look.

Countertop Propane Stove

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Best electric stove for Van life

If you have a robust battery system with or with out solar panels you have the potential to cook with electricity. Installing and using an induction cooktop would be the best solution for a van camper. These stoves heat up the steal pan faster and more efficient than the standard electrical stove tops. Saving your cooking time and amper hours.

Best induction cooktop for van life

Electric Induction cooktop

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How to cook in a van camper

6 safety precautions when Cooking inside a van

  • Use common sense
  • Use a safe study cooking surface
  • Keep all flammable materials out of the cooking area
  • Have a fire extinguisher handy
  • Provide good ventilation
  • If using propane have a carbon monoxide detector installed
  • Cook close to the door if possible

How to cook living in a van

Cooking inside a van camper is not that difficult. If you are using propane you will need to provide good ventilation and for safety have a fire extinguisher handy. I make sure I have a safe steady cooking surface along with a preparation area.

How to cook living in a van

This video below covers cooking and living in a ban by Bob Wells. He is one of the leaders in this field an has been living in a van for over 10 years.

Cooking inside a van

Cooking inside a van is no different than cooking at home or when camping. You have to keep in mind that the living space is smaller so plan out where you are going to cook and be safe while doing it. When cooking with an open flame in a small space you have to take extra precautions.

Can you put a stove in a van?

Yes, you can put a stove in a van camper. Van owners have installed stoves, ovens and Electric Induction cooktop in vans.

Is it safe to use a propane stove in a van?

Save as it can be when taken all of the safety precautions recommended for using a cook stove in a small living space. Please look over the 6 precautions when Cooking inside a van in the above article.

Can you use a camping stove in a campervan?

Yes, It is possible to use a camping stove in a campervan if safety precautions are used correctly.

Can you put an electric stove in a camper?

Electric stoves can be installed in a camper van. They will require more electrical power than the vans battery can handle. Supplemental electrical power will be needed from a secondary source. Here are some secondary power sources shore power, additional battery bank, solar generator or gas generator.

Should I put a wood stove in my van?

Wood stove in van campers are growing in popularity. Check out my blog post on Best Winter MINI STOVE for Camper van or RV and see if they are a good fit for your van life.

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