How to heat a campervan without electricity

How to Heat a campervan in winter

Here are two ways to heat a campervan or rv without the use of electricity. When the temperatures start to drop and the snow starts to fall keep your van warm and cozy with one of these methods.

Gas or diesel heater for campervan

Campervan gas heater

Best Espar Diesel Heater for custom Sprinter conversion vans! Install a Espar air heater in your Mercedes camper van or RV and never have a sleepless night due to frigid night temperatures. With a Espar diesel vehicle heater in your conversion van warming up those cold nights is only a button away. Place a switch by your bed allowing you to turn on your sprinter camper van diesel heater without getting out of bed. Now when you roll out of bed your RV or van will be nice and warm to start your morning off right.

Small wood burning stove for campervan

Cubic Mini Wood stove Cubic Mini Wood Stove price. Keep your van warm in the winter! Installing the Best Winter MINI STOVE in a Sprinter van Camper or RV will improve your winter camping immensely. Mini wood stoves provide dry heat removing moisture from inside the van camper. Safer alternative over propane stoves due to feeding itself with outside air for combustion instead of the air inside the conversion van or motorhome. Uses renewable resources and is easy to use.

Provides dry heat
Feeds itself with air from outside the van
Easy to install and easy to operate!
Produces very little smoke due to its secondary combustion system!
Much safer than a diesel or propane cook stove!
Removes humidity from the cabin.

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