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Sprinter conversion van camper 12 volt solar system Electrical switch Panels. Do you have a nice clean electrical panel? Creating your own cool electrical switch panel like they have in the fancy camper vans and RV’s. Here are some Mercedes camper van ideas for your electrical panel setup. Everyone loves to see the cool control panels in Vans were they control the lights, water pumps and all the other on board equipment but you never knew where to get it.

Build your own cool looking console in your sprinter van conversion.

If you’re planning to convert a van into a camper, you’ll need to install a switch panel or distribution control panel. This panel will allow you to control various electrical components in your van, such as lights, fans, water pumps, and more. Here’s why a switch panel is an essential component of any camper van conversion.

What is a Switch Panel?

A switch panel, also known as a distribution control panel, is a centralized location for controlling the electrical components in your camper van. It usually consists of a collection of switches, buttons, and fuses that control the various electrical systems in your van, such as lights, fans, water pumps, and appliances.

Why Do You Need a Switch Panel in Your Camper Van?

There are several reasons why you need a switch panel in your camper van. Firstly, it provides centralized control over all the electrical components in your van, making it easy to turn things on and off as needed. Instead of having to find individual switches and fuses for each component, you can control everything from one location.

Secondly, a switch panel makes your camper van safer. By having fuses and circuit breakers built into the panel, you can prevent electrical fires and other hazards. If there’s an electrical problem, the panel will shut off power to the affected circuit, preventing damage and potential danger.

Finally, a switch panel can help you save space in your camper van. Instead of having individual switches and controls scattered around the van, you can consolidate everything in one location, freeing up valuable space for other things.

Types of Switch Panels

There are several types of switch panels you can use in your camper van. The most common types include:

  1. Basic On/Off Switch Panel – This is a simple panel that consists of a collection of switches that turn individual components on and off.
  2. Programmable Switch Panel – This type of panel allows you to program specific settings for each component, such as setting a timer for lights or controlling the speed of a fan.
  3. Touchscreen Switch Panel – This panel features a touchscreen display that allows you to control all the electrical components in your van from one location.


In conclusion, a switch panel or distribution control panel is an essential component of any camper van conversion. It provides centralized control over all the electrical components in your van, making it easy to turn things on and off as needed. It also makes your van safer by preventing electrical hazards and can help you save space. There are several types of switch panels available, so you can choose the one that best meets your needs and budget.

Don’t forget to add in fuse panels and emergency shut off switches for safety. May require professional electrician for installation for some Van owners

Camper 12v control panel

4/6/8 Gang 12V Rocker Switch Panel for RV Marine Car Vehicles Truck Boat Waterproof, Digital Voltmeter Display Dual USB Charger Port DC 12V Socket 12/24V

  • ABS
  • [IP65 Waterproof]: Genuine Marine 6 switch panel has splash-proof panel face, water resistance caps and anti-seepage rubber ring, gasket.
  • [Extensive Application]: Blue Led lighted Rocker switches are widely applicable for marine boat car rv vehicles truck yacht launch pleasure-boat offroad to control device.
  • [Fully functional]: This 12V/24V electrical panel has digital voltage display, Blue LED light indicator, waterproof board, 12V charger socket and double 5V 2.1A USB power interface.
  • [Flawless Design]: Blue LED lighting switches and reminder light don’t glare at night, perfect for your machine. Heavy duty ABS plastic face panel. Pre-wired All-in-one design, can be DIY-used to control any vehicle bus boat truck touring cars.
  • [Multi-layer Protection]: with 3 pcs 15A Fuse – output short circuit, overload, reverse polarity protection. Safely protecting with anti-reverse, very convenience for using. Pre-wire to protect the switches and function device. You needn’t connect additional fuel box for it.

Camper van electrical distribution panel

DCFlat 4/6/8/10 Gang Circuit LED Car Marine Waterproof 5 Pin Boat Rocker Switch Panel with Fuse Dual USB Slot LED Light

  • 1、10 Gang truck/car/marine/boat/yacht AC/DC Switch Panel. Super high quality auto/Yacht/Boat Tuning Switch Panel with LED working indicator light.
  • 2、Rating: DC12-24V, AC110-230V; Output short circuit protection, overload protection. Againest polarity reversal, and multiple protection.
  • 3、Great switch kit with buttons and parts comes unassembled. Easier to modify and install wires.
  • 4、Panel comes with pre-wired, mounting screws.Size for panel:260*175*90mm
  • 5、Switch are marine-grade. Waterproof rating is 67 and approve Rhos and CE. Totally friendly-environment.

FXC 5 Gang Rocker Switch Panel with Dual USB Slot Socket 5V 4.2A + Cigarette Lighter + Voltmeter for Marine Boat Car Rv Vehicles Truck 12-24V Waterproof Blue LED (5B Blue)

  • Multifunctions panel kit; Dual USB charger: DC 5V/2.1A & 2.1A; Cigarette socket: DC 12V; Voltmeter display range: 0 – 24V; Dual Outlets: AC 125V 15A; 5 Gang Toggle Switches: DC 12V 20A
  • USB socket safety protection: It’s certified by CE & ROHS with overload, over-current and short circuit protection to ensure charging safety, meanwhile, built-in converse connection protection that ensures the circuit won’t be burnt out if wrong wiring.
  • 5 Gang LED toggle switches comes with 15A fuse, provide overload, over-current and short circuit protection; Can control the Marine boat, rv, house inside the led lights and other 12v electronic system.
  • Widely Application: Design for multi-functional requirements, suitable for 12V/24V system compatible 125V outlets, can use for Marine Boat, Yacht, Rv, Camper, Caravan or Home Office etc.
  • Installation is simple and can be mounted horizontally or vertically,Panel comes with pre-wired, wiring instructions, 4 x mounting screws.

Cllena Triple Function 2 Way 12V Power Outlet + ON-OFF Toggle Switch

  • Suitable for all 12-24V Car, motorcycle, yacht, boat, mower, tractor, Rv, etc.
  • 2 sockets design, can charge with USB for three electronic devices simultaneously. (such as cell phones, tablets, GPS, mp3, etc)
  • Good conductivity, the cigarette lighter is made of metal material inside. Comes with waterproof & dustproof cover heavy duty construction.
  • Cigarette lighter Socket Input voltage: 20A 24V, 10A 12V; Toggle Switch Input voltage: 20A 12V DC
  • Equipped with mounting panel,easy to install.

Campervan switch panel

WATERWICH Marine Boat Car 8 Gang ON-Off Ignition 3 Pin Waterproof

Blue Sea Systems ST Blade ATO/ATC Fuse Blocks

Battery Disconnect Switch,

  • Operation: ON and OFF; Rating: 275A DC Continuous (1hr) , 455A DC Intermittent (5 min), 1250A DC Cranking (10 sec); Voltage: 6V-48V DC; Stud Size: 2×3/8″ (10mm)
  • Standard 2-1/16″ (52 mm) hole cut out (same as standard gauge hole); Inside: captive inserts for 3/16″ (4.8 mm) nuts providing full access for cables with no restrictions
  • Panel-mounted battery disconnect switches are designed specifically for panel mount applications; Countersunk recesses for surface mount application
  • This Battery cut off kill switch widely used for Car, Marine, Boat, RV, Camper, Travel Trailer, Truck, ATV, UTV and other 6V 12V 24V 48V Devices, waterproof, dustproof, corrosion resistant
  • 1 Year Warranty–a replacement or refund is guaranteed

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