Camper Van Slide Out Kitchen Unit

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Campervan kitchen ideas

I know some of us don’t have the tools or the skills to build a full kitchen galley from scratch in a Van camper. So when I came across this cool unit I thought this could help a lot of camper van owners out in this area. These pull out camper van sink stove combos are designed for use in boats. Their compact design takes up less space and are build very strong out of top quality materials for long use.

A slide-out kitchen is a great addition to a van or RV, as it allows you to cook dinner outside and enjoy the view. Here are some general steps to follow for creating a slide-out kitchen in your van:

  1. Choose a location: Decide on a location in your van where you want to install the slide-out kitchen. This location should be easily accessible and have enough space for your kitchen setup.
  2. Design your kitchen: Decide on the layout of your slide-out kitchen. This should include your cooking surface, storage space, sink, and any other appliances you want to include.
  3. Build the slide-out mechanism: Build the slide-out mechanism that will allow you to easily slide the kitchen in and out of the van. You can use a variety of materials, such as aluminum or steel, to build the frame for the slide-out mechanism.
  4. Install the kitchen components: Install the cooking surface, sink, storage space, and any other appliances in your slide-out kitchen. Make sure everything is securely fastened and properly connected.
  5. Install plumbing and gas lines: If you’re including a sink or gas stove in your slide-out kitchen, you’ll need to install the necessary plumbing and gas lines. This should be done by a licensed plumber or gas fitter to ensure safety.
  6. Test the kitchen: Test the slide-out kitchen to make sure everything is functioning properly. Make any necessary adjustments to ensure the kitchen is easy to slide in and out of the van and all components are working as intended.

By creating a slide-out kitchen in your van, you can enjoy cooking meals outside while enjoying the view. With careful planning and proper installation, your slide-out kitchen can be a functional and enjoyable addition to your van or RV.

Camper van sink Stove combo

These boat sink, stove combo pull out galleys were designed for use in boats that have to endure ruff seas, wet weather and constant use. What better system could you ask for of off road outdoor use. This would make an excellent camper van sink stove combo for any van owner.

Camper van outside kitchen

Installing this pull out kitchen galley facing outside the van camper, where when pulled out in its working configuration it would allow you to cook meal outside the van.

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Caravan RV Stainless Steel Mini One Burner Pull Type Gas Stove Integrated With Sink And Drawer

This pull out galley closes down into a compact space. It offers a small sink for clean up, cutting board to prepare your meals and with a pull the propane burner slides out ready to make your morning coffee. It also offers a slide out drawer to store you cooking tinsels.

Camper van pull out kitchen

A pull-out kitchen unit can be a great addition to a camper van, providing a convenient and functional cooking space. Stainless steel is a durable and long-lasting material, making it an ideal choice for use in a van that will be exposed to harsh outdoor conditions.

Some features you may want to look for in a pull-out kitchen unit for your van include:

  1. Sink: A built-in sink can make cleaning up after meals much easier, and some units may even come with a faucet and water pump.
  2. Stove: Look for a unit with a built-in stove or space to add a portable stove. This will allow you to cook meals inside your van without having to set up an outdoor kitchen.
  3. Storage: Make sure the unit has plenty of storage space for utensils, dishes, and cookware. This will help keep your van organized and make it easier to find what you need when you’re cooking.
  4. Durability: As mentioned, stainless steel is a great material for a pull-out kitchen unit, but make sure the unit is well-constructed and built to last. You don’t want to have to replace it after just a few trips.

Overall, a pull-out kitchen unit can be a great investment for anyone who spends a lot of time on the road. With the right features and materials, it can provide a complete and functional galley for your van, allowing you to cook and enjoy meals just like you would at home.

Slide out camp kitchen for Van campers

Each one of these pull out galleys provide you with a sink and stove. Prepare meals and wash the dishes. When your down simply push the unit back into its compact storage configuration and you are ready to hit the road again.

Caravan RV Stainless Steel 1 Burner Pull Type Gas Stove With Integrated Sink and Faucet 

This unit would work very well as a slide out kitchen for cooking out side your van camper. Install this unit on back side of a counter facing the outside. Then the van owner could slide out the kitchen galley on the outside of the van to prepare meals.

Camper van kitchen unit

Here is this model arranged in its store configuration. It only takes up a small area saving you more space in your conversion van for other gear or storage are you may need.

Overland slide out kitchen

These overland slide out kitchens would be an excellent choice for any over landing rig from a jeep to an SUV. Tuck this unit in the back. When you reach your camping location you can be cooking your meals in seconds simply by sliding out the kitchen reveling all of it galley wonders.

Caravan RV Stainless Steel 1 Burner Pull Type Gas Stove With Integrated Sink

Van build ideas

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