12V DC air conditioner for van campers or RV’s

12 volt air conditioner for camper van

Now you can have AC even with the van camper motor off. If you have a good battery or solar setup in your conversion van you can enjoy cool days and nights in your camper van with a 12 volt air conditioner. Run this AC unit off of your shore power, solar power or battery system. Great Van build ideas!

These small 12 volt AC units where designed to use in small spaces in the marine world. Tested in hot and humid conditions for boats. Here is a video on how to install the AC unit in a campervan.

Air Conditioning Install for Van Life Part 1 – Cruise N Comfort 12v A/C

Is there a 12 volt air conditioner?

Are there any 12 volts air conditioners

There are many 12 volt air conditioners coming on the market. Do a little research to find the one that will best meet your needs and your camper van layout.

Can you run RV AC on 12V?

Yes, 12 volt Air conditioners are being built to fit into boats in the marine world. With the correct setup or battery bank installed in your van camper, you can run your RV or Van camper AC unit on batteries with a 12 volt AC unit.

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