Understanding Campervan electrical systems and solar setup: what you need to know

DIY camper electrical system

Is it time to add an electrical system to your van camper? Here are some of the top videos to show you how to do it right. Follow these tips and avoid making big mistakes in building out your electrical system in your camper van. Find out what you need to buy to build the correct electrical system for your van.

Learn what parts you need and what they do before building. Understanding how all of the electrical components work together will help you better understand and trouble shoot any issue you may have in the future.

Camper electrical wiring diagram

Basic Solar Parts Needed for a DIY Camper Van or RV Solar Install

Van build ideas

What electrics do I need in a campervan?

There are four ways you can supply electrical power to run all of your equipment in our van camper. Charging the van house batter by the camper vans alternator is one way. Solar power, shore power at a camp site and a generator or other options to provide electrical power inside your van camper.

4 Ways to supply electrical power to your van camper

  • Charge 12v Batteries from your Van camper Engine alternator
  • Solar Panel System or Wind power on top of campervan
  • Shore line hook up to charge campervan batteries
  • Power from a Gas or Solar generator for your camper van.

Campervan 12V wiring diagram

How to Wire your Camper Van to be Off-Grid

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