Slide Out Camper Kitchen for vans and campers

Overland Kitchen, Vehicle Camping Table with Drawer, for SUV/Trunk Bed/Storage, for up to 2 Burners Camp Stove, Folding, pullout Galley, Pull Out Kitchen

An all-in-one slide-out kitchen galley can be a great addition to your camper van, Jeep, or truck, providing you with an instant kitchen setup and a gas stove cook space. Here’s how to set up an all-in-one slide-out kitchen galley:

  1. Choose a suitable location: Look for a spot in your camper van, Jeep, or truck where you can install the slide-out kitchen galley. It should be a location that is easily accessible and where you have enough space to set up the kitchen.
  2. Install the slide-out kitchen galley: Install the slide-out kitchen galley according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure it is securely fastened to the floor of your vehicle and that it is level.
  3. Connect the gas stove: Connect the gas stove to a propane tank using the appropriate connectors and hoses. Make sure the connection is secure and that there are no leaks.
  4. Install the sink: Install the sink according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Connect it to a water supply and a drainage system. You may need to install a water pump and a grey water tank if your vehicle does not already have them.
  5. Add storage and accessories: Customize your slide-out kitchen galley by adding storage cabinets, drawers, and accessories such as a cutting board, utensil rack, or spice rack.
  6. Test the kitchen: Test the kitchen by using the gas stove to cook a meal and running water through the sink. Check that everything is functioning properly and make any necessary adjustments.

An all-in-one slide-out kitchen galley can provide a convenient and functional kitchen setup in your camper van, Jeep, or truck, allowing you to prepare meals on the road with ease.

Van camper pull out kitchens can add an extra addition to your camper in the way of cooking and eating outside. With a simple pull you can extend this overland kitchen out of your van or car to cook in the open.

Slide out kitchen for van

This slide out kitchen can hold a water tank for cleaning your dishes in a collapsible dish tub.

Overland slide out kitchen

Easy slide in and out all in one construction. Save on space while at the same time providing a quick pull out kitchen. Setup in seconds. This pull out kitchen unit can fit in a camper van, camper, SUV or small car.

About this item

  • All in one: Instant pull out design, people can have space for washing, chopping and cooking all at the same platform.
  • Can set up in any terrain: Unlike the conventional camp kitchen, which requires flat and dry ground to set up. The overland kitchen is mounted on the vehicle and clear of the ground. You can set up the overland kitchen regardless the ground type, such as grass, mud, hill, sand, rock or pavement.
  • Size: open size: 70”x19”x11”, folding size: 25”x19”x11”, Stove space: 23.6”x14.5”x4.5”, suitable for camp chef stove, Coleman stove, and 90% of other 2 burners stove.
  • Can set up in 30 seconds: Simply pull out and open stove. Then you are ready to prep food.
  • Includes: camp kitchen, 2x ratchet straps and a folding sink. (water tank and stove are not included)

Slide out camper kitchen

Cook anywhere with this slide out camper kitchen. Open up the back of your SUV anywhere and you are cooking in minutes.

Slide out kitchen for van

Slide out drawer for you cooking utensils.

Sprinter van pull out kitchen

slide out rack for a two burner propane stove, table top for meal prep!

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