Silicone Collapsible Storage Bowls

Save leftovers and save space! We are always looking for ways to save space in Van life. Here is a simple solution to save leftovers and space with one product. These silicone collapsible containers can help you store your meals and when you are done collapse and save space when not in use. Pick up... Continue Reading →

Best USB Fans

Keep the air moving in your van or RV with a USB mini fan. Plug in one of these USB fans into a USB outlet and point it in your direction. Feel the breeze were you are sitting in your van. Don't let the warm days get you down. Keep the stall air moving! Pick... Continue Reading →

Donate to my GoFund me Project!

Mobile off road Photography office Hello everyone, My name is Robert Becker, I am a professional photographer for over 16 year. I am raising funds to build a mobile photography office that will allow me to go off road where most vehicles cannot go. This will allow me to reach remote locations to photograph amazing... Continue Reading →

Save Money on Propane Tanks?

Reduce landfill waste by Use Refillable Propane Tanks Camping on the weekend or living in a conversion van full time if you are using disposable propane tanks to cook your meals or heat your RV or Van life consider using refillable propane tanks. By using refillable propane tanks you will save money and at the... Continue Reading →

Shower Tub

Portable shower bath Review this item from my Amazon Affiliate Link here If your Van conversion does not have an indoor shower this may be an option for you. Depending on the type of portable shower you are using this plastic basin can be used as a small bath\shower. Van living can pose many difficulties... Continue Reading →

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