Wind Generator

Wind Turbine Generator create your own power for you van build

Happybuy Wind Turbine Generator 400W DC 12V Businesses 3 Blade with Controller for Marine RV Homes Industrial Energy

Most of use when thinking about creating our own electrical power for our Vans or RV’s think of Solar. There is another option for the rainy overcast days. Wind Turbine Generator! Wind Turbine Generators can provide your van life with a backup electrical source. RV and Van owners camp by the ocean and in large open areas that often are windy. If you are van living full time and you want to make sure you have all your options covered this is another option to consider.

The mounting pole, setup and take down time would have to be taken into consideration. They come in many sizes from 400W 12V to 700W 24V depending on your needs.

  • ♻[MAIN PARAMETER] ~ Rated Power: 400W ; Rated Voltage: DC 12V ; Battery Voltage: DC 12V ; Start-up Wind Speed: 8.2 ft/s ; Rated Wind Speed: 39.4 ft/s ; Number of Blades: 3 ; Material of Wind Leaf: Nylon Fiber ; Rotor Diameter: 4 ft ; Rated Speed: 800r/min(RPM) ; Tower Diameter: >3.2″ ; Tower Height: 15-33 ft ; Battery Capacity: 200AH-400AH.
  • ♻[CONTROLLER INTRODUCTION] ~ Model: FWS03/06-12 ; Battery Rated Voltage: DC 12V ; Rated Turbine Power: 400W ; Brake Voltage: 14.5V ; Turbine Recovery voltage: 13.2V ; Largest Discharging Current: 20A ; Battery Overcharging Protection: 16.5V (Turn off Load Output) ; Battery Discharging Protection: 10.7V (Turn off Load Output) ; Battery Discharge Recovery Protection: 12V (Recover Load Output) ; Static Power: 15mA ; Working Temperature: -35 ~ +75 ℃.
  • ♻[HIGH-QUALITY BLADE] ~ The blade material is synthetically injection molded with high-strength plastic plus 30% carbon fiber element and anti-UV anti-corrosion material. At the same time, the blade is also designed with aerodynamics to make the rotor run smoothly, reliably and quietly.
  • ♻[POWERFUL PERFORMANCE] ~ 3Phase AC PMG, permanent magnet generator with low torque, integrated automatic braking system, effective regulation of current and voltage, high wind energy utilization factor, an increase of annual power generation. Low start wind speed; Auto Wind direction adjustment.
  • ♻[WIDE APPLICATION] ~ This wind turbine is coated with a special process that provides excellent resistance to oxidation and corrosion under any harsh conditions, with excellent corrosion resistance, water resistance and sand resistance. It is ideally suited for the leisure sector and is known for charging batteries for boats, gazebos, cabins or mobile homes, as well as for green windmills, home, corporate and industrial energy supplement

Happybuy Wind Turbine 200W 24V Wind Turbine Generator Red Lantern Vertical Wind Generator 5 Leaves Wind Turbine Kit

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