Make money boondocking

Living in a van or RV is a great life! Van living is a wonderful way of life with a lot of freedom. But! Sometimes it is nice to have a real roof over your head, hot shower and to know you don’t have to leave in a few days or pay the night.

 What if you could have all that and you get paid for it! Van living and making money on the road . If you are living in your conversion van full time and you just want to take a break, you can. The crazy thing is you get paid!

I may just have the ticket for you! Yes, some one will pay you to come to their home and house sit while they are on vacation. Wow! Recharge your battery, fill up your H2O tanks and get paid for it.

Benefits they offers:

  • Free place to park, No Paid!
  • Free place to sleep, scratch that! You get paid!
  • TV, internet, Free!
  • Hot showers, Free!
  • Place to relax and recharge your battery from Van life!
  • Make money while you travel

Check out and sign up for House careers

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