Best Diesel Heater for Sprinter conversion vans

Install the Espar air heater in your conversion van for those cold nights

Best Diesel Heater for Sprinter conversion vans! Install a Espar air heater in your sprinter conversion van or RV and never have a sleepless night due to frigid night temperatures. With a Espar diesel heater in your conversion van warming up those cold nights is only a button away.

The Espar diesel heater can be plumbed into your vans main diesel tank or if your conversion van runs on regular gasoline you can install a smaller fuel tank to provide diesel to the heater.

Now enjoy warm nights inside your van no matter how low the temperature goes down on your camping trips.

Eberspacher Espar Airtronic D2 air heater 12v Diesel

  • Eberspacher Airtronic D2 diesel-fired self regulating air heater with electronic control
  • Eberspacher heater D2 Airtronic – most desired version
  • 801 Modulator with temperature regulation with integrated diagnostics (Upgrade to 7 day timer Optional)
  • All electrical harnesses and connections
  • UK distributor for Espar Eberspacher. Genuine UK dealer warranted replacement Heater
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