RV and Van camper Replacement Refrigerator

Smad 3 way Refrigerator Replacing an RV refrigerator RV and Camper van Replacement Refrigerator. If your RV fridge is starting to act up, replace it with one of these RV refrigerators and worry no more. RV propane and 12 volt refrigerator can go out for a number of reasons. If your propane fridge is on … Read more

Refrigerator pull out drawers for van campers

Best Freezer Fridge Sliding Trays for your camper van Portable fridge slide out, Slide out your Fridge with ease! Installing a freezer fridge sliding tray in your camper van can provide several benefits, including making it easier to access your food and keeping it organized. Here are some of the ways that a sliding tray … Read more

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