RV and Van camper Replacement Refrigerator

Smad 3 way Refrigerator

Replacing an RV refrigerator

RV and Camper van Replacement Refrigerator. If your RV fridge is starting to act up, replace it with one of these RV refrigerators and worry no more. RV propane and 12 volt refrigerator can go out for a number of reasons. If your propane fridge is on the fritz upgrade it today.

RV accessories store. RV propane refrigerators can work on propane, 12 volts, or 110ac. However, you want to power your rv fridge is up to you. These replacement RV fridges also give you the option to mount the door hinges on the left or right depending on how your RV galley is arranged. Different sizes to meet all of your cold food storage needs. The newer RV fridge is more energy-efficient than the older refrigerators in older RV’s

These RV fridges come in a multitude of sizes. Small fridge like a dorm fridge all the way up to large two-door refrigerators with a separate freezer compartment. Now you are talking! Ice cream and the frozen meal just like home. Now you can carry all the types of food you do when you are home. Check out these RV replacement propane fridges and see if one can work out for you. Ambulance camper conversion fridge ideas

Smad 3 Way Refrigerator 12v Fridge for RV Trucks Propane Refrigerator No Noise, AC/DC/LPG
Three different power options
  • Easy-to-use mechanical control, equipped with GAS/Electric thermostat
  • LPG 110V and 12V 3 way working, no noise absorption cooling system
  • Removable shelves allow tall container storage, with adjustable foot for uneven surface placement. Reversible door designs for different requirement of opening door
  • Measuring 18.11 x 18.9 x 26.77 inches, this 3-way absorption mini refrigerator is very compact and perfect for car, camper, vehicle, van camper, camper van, conversion van, RV, off grid cabin and so on
  • Reading the user manual is essential. Come with a free pressure regulator. We stand behind our products and pride ourselves with exceptional customer service care. You enjoy a 1-YEAR WARRANTY and just feel free to contact us via Amazon anytime in need
Left and Right door hinge configurations
Control knobs on the bottom front
Propane connections on the back of the fridge
Fridge dimensions

How to take fridge out of RV

On the outside access door you will need to unplug a few items. If your RV fridge was ac and propane power you will need to disconnect the AC power plug. If they did not use a AC plug and directly wire the fridge with wing nut screws you will need to turn off the power breaker for the fridge before disconnecting the wires. The propane hook up should have an inline shut off valve that will need to be in the off position before unhooking the propane gas line. If you are installing a AC or DC only fridge, the propane line will need to be capped off. How look for the mounting screws at the base of the fridge. Remove all the screws securing the RV fridge in place and start taking it out.

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RecPro RV Refrigerator Stainless Steel | 4.3 Cubic Feet | 12V | 2 Door Fridge

RecPro RV Replacement Refrigerator provide a you with a large amount of storage space. This replacement fridges also comes with a Frizer giving you the option of storing frozen meal or even ice cream when camping or full time RV living. Also has a stainless steel front for easy clean up and will go with any motorhome interior. This Fridge also offers frost-free meaning you want have to deice the unit saving you time.

  • This RV refrigerator is a full fridge with a freezer on top. It measures 19″ wide by 21 1/2″ deep by 43 1/2″ high with about 4.3 cubic feet of interior space.
  • It runs on 12V power and is UL listed. The stainless steel material means it will stay clean and in good condition for years to come.
  • This refrigerator is also frost-free, meaning it is lower maintenance. The glass and shelving is adjustable and the door is reversible. The front legs are adjustable as well so that you can level the unit.
Lots of storage space
Fridge dimensions
Norcold N410.3UR RV Refrigerator – 4.5 cu. ft. – AC/DC/LP
  • Built-in Control Diagnostics provide valuable information to simplify servicing and speed up repairs
  • Auto Changeover Between Gas and Electric, automatic re-ignition of gas flame, and automatic cycle to limit frost buildup on refrigerator cooling fans
  • Auto Changeover Between Gas and Electric, automatic re-ignition of gas flame, and automatic cycle to limit frost buildup on refrigerator cooling fans
  • Easy-to-clean, no-tarnish white powder-coated shelves and adjustable, removable door bins
  • Flip up bottom shelf holds a 1-gallon jug and door bin storage holds 1/2 gallon bottles
  • 3-year limited

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