How to build Custom Van Interior

Best way to build a stronger, lighter Sprinter camper van interior framing

Building a lightweight custom van interior using AD 20 framing can be a great way to create a functional and comfortable living space in your van. Here are some steps to help you get started:

  1. Plan your layout: Before you begin building, it’s important to have a clear idea of how you want your van interior to be laid out. Consider factors such as where you’ll be sleeping, cooking, and storing your gear.
  2. Choose your materials: AD 20 framing is a lightweight and sturdy material that is often used in the construction of aircraft and boats. You’ll also need other materials such as plywood, insulation, and screws.
  3. Install your framing: Begin by installing your AD 20 framing to create the basic structure of your interior. This can include framing for walls, a ceiling, and any other features such as a bed platform or storage compartments.
  4. Add insulation: Insulation is important for regulating the temperature inside your van and keeping it comfortable. Consider using spray foam insulation or another type of insulation that is lightweight and effective.
  5. Install your interior features: Once your framing and insulation are in place, you can begin installing your interior features such as cabinets, a bed platform, and a kitchen area. Consider using lightweight materials such as plywood and aluminum to keep the weight down.
  6. Finish your interior: Once all of your interior features are in place, you can finish your interior with flooring, wall coverings, and other decorative elements. Consider using lightweight materials such as vinyl flooring and wallpaper to keep the weight down.
  7. Test your weight: It’s important to test the weight of your van interior to ensure it doesn’t exceed the weight capacity of your van. Consider using a scale to weigh individual components and making adjustments as needed to keep the weight down.

Building a lightweight custom van interior using AD 20 framing can be a great way to create a functional and comfortable living space in your van. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can build an interior that meets your needs and fits your budget.

Better way to build a stronger and lighter sprinter camper van interior framing. How to build a van camper interior construction ideas. If you are starting your van build or planning to remodel your conversion van in the future consider building with AD 20 aluminum framing studs. It is a stronger and lighter solution to building your custom sprinter conversion van interior framing.

Sprinter 80/20

Using AD 20 aluminum framing reduces the weight and bulk of 2X4 or 2X2 wood framing. It also save in space wood takes up. This lightweight AD 20 aluminum framing opens up a wide range of building ideas for a sprinter conversion van interior framing.

80/20 camper van bed

When using AD 20 if you decide to change, remove a wall or panel it allows you the freedom and easy of doing so. It provides a strong alternative to mercedes camper van construction interiors. AD 20 frames can be easy secure to the floor, sides and ruff when building your cabinets, counter tops and bed top. Doors and different material can be used as wall finishing.

Check out the photos below on a mercedes camper van build and how the interior framing was constructed used and different options AD 20 can provide in your van camper build. Building your #vanlife! The following photos will give you some van conversion ideas. Ambulance camper conversion ideas

Building with AD 20 aluminum frame kit

6 Best Reasons to use AD 20 for your campervan interior build
  • Lightweight sprinter van interior
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple uses like side panels, sliding drawers, cabinet doors in your van camper
  • Sturdy build by attaching lag bolts to the van walls and floors
  • Easy to modify at any time
  • Clean and modern design

DIY Aluminum Cabinets

AB 20 aluminum framing

80/20 Inc., 1010, 10 Series, 1″ x 1″ T-Slotted Extrusion x 97″
  • 10 Series Modular Extrusion with Four Open T-Slots
  • Compatible with all 10 Series Fasteners and Accessories
  • Four open available T-slots for mounting accessories
  • Great for furniture, displays, trade show booths, or any project requiring a finished look
  • Made out of 6105-T5 aluminum (or equivalent) with a clear anodized finish

8020 aluminum in your van build? These tips and tricks will help you survive

Boeray (20s) 3-Way End Corner Bracket Connector for Aluminum Extrusion Profile 2020 Series (Pack of 4, with Screws)

DIY Van Galley

Build an amazing mercedes sprinter camper van interior using AD 20 Aluminum modular framing for a strong, lighter and modular van camper van interior.

How To Build A Van With 80/20 Aluminum (INSANELY STRONG)

8020 Camper Build

8020 aluminum camper van build

8020 aluminum van bed frame

PZRT Aluminum Profile Connector Set, 4pcs 17mm x 20mm Corner Bracket,8pcs M5 T-Slot Nuts, 8pcs M5x8mm Hex Socket Cap Screw Bolt for 6mm Slot 20 Series Aluminum Profile
Boeray 20pcs Black T Slot L-Shape Interior Inside Corner Connector Joint Bracket with Screws and Wrench Tool for 2020 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile Slot 6mm


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