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rv surge protector

Protect your electrical system while using campground hookups

When you’re on the road in your RV or van camper, one of the most important things you need is a reliable source of power. Many campsites and RV parks offer electrical hookups that allow you to connect to shore power, but these hookups can also pose a risk to your RV’s electrical system. That’s where a portable surge protector comes in – it can protect your RV or van camper’s electrical system from power surges and other electrical issues that can occur when you’re connected to shore power. Here are some of the key benefits of using a portable surge protector for your RV or van camper.

  1. Protection against power surges: A power surge is a sudden increase in voltage that can damage electrical equipment. When you’re connected to shore power, power surges can occur for a variety of reasons, including lightning strikes, faulty wiring, or problems with the power grid. A portable surge protector can detect these surges and divert excess voltage away from your RV’s electrical system, protecting your appliances and electronics from damage.
  2. Enhanced safety: In addition to protecting your RV’s electrical system from damage, a portable surge protector can also enhance safety. Some surge protectors come with features like overload protection and ground fault detection, which can prevent electrical fires and other safety hazards.
  3. Easy to use: Portable surge protectors are designed to be easy to use, with simple plug-and-play functionality. Just plug the surge protector into the electrical hookup at your campsite or RV park, and then plug your RV’s power cord into the surge protector. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your RV’s electrical system is protected.
  4. Portability: As the name suggests, portable surge protectors are designed to be portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go. This is particularly useful if you like to travel to remote or off-grid locations, where electrical hookups may be scarce or unreliable.
  5. Cost-effective: While portable surge protectors are a relatively small investment, they can save you a lot of money in the long run by protecting your RV’s electrical system from damage. The cost of repairing or replacing damaged appliances or electronics can add up quickly, so investing in a surge protector is a smart financial decision.

In conclusion, if you’re planning on using shore power for your RV or van camper, a portable surge protector is a must-have accessory. It can protect your RV’s electrical system from power surges, enhance safety, is easy to use, portable, and cost-effective. So, whether you’re a seasoned RV enthusiast or a first-time camper, be sure to add a portable surge protector to your list of essential gear before you hit the road.

Do you really need a surge protector for your RV?

If you own an RV or Camper van, owning an Electrical surge protector is a must. It’s a small investment that protects all of your expensive appliances and your solar electronics in the RV. If your RV was to take a big electric surge you could be out thousands of dollars in damage.

Keep Vanlife safe!

Best rv surge protector

Surge Guard 44280 Portable Surge Protector – 120V, 30A

  • UL listed surge protector designed to handle the high power consumption demands of RVers
  • Analyzes circuits to identify power supply status
  • Checks for open ground, open neutral, correct polarity and reversed lines/ground
  • Weather resistant with a rain-proof cover

rv accessories, Keep your RV electronics safe when plugging into Campsite shore power When you use a RV portable surge protector.

Surge Guard here on Amazon

PROGRESSIVE INDUSTRIES SSP50X 50 Amps Surge Protector (240V/50A)

rv surge protector
  • Surge Protection: 5-Mode / 1650J / 45,000A. Ratings: 50A / 120V/240V / 12,000W. Operating Temperatures: -40C to +105C
  • Open Ground, Open Neutral & Reverse Polarity Detection. Miss wired Pedestal Indication. Surge Failure Indicator.
  • Designed for Outdoor Use, Weather Resistant, Thermally Protected
  • Rugged Pull Handle, Brighter 3-Color LED Indicator
  • Lifetime Warranty.


Camco 50 Amp RV Power Defender Voltage Protector
rv surge protector
  • RV Electrical Protection: Protects your RV from dangerous high (>132 VAC) and low (<102 VAC) voltage levels as well as power surges
  • Auto Connect/Disconnect Feature: Automatically disconnects from dangerous conditions and reconnects after normal operating conditions have been restored
  • Diagnostic LEDs: Provide indication of faults when you connect your electrical cord to the power pedestal
  • Protects Against Wiring Issues: Protects against faults for reverse polarity, open neutral, and other wiring issues
  • Integrated Surge Protection: Up to 4, 200 Joules
  • 50-Amp: 50-Amp male (NEMA 14-50P)/50-Amp female (NEMA 14-50R)
  • PowerGrip Handles: Contoured grips make plugging and unplugging easier
  • Weather-Resistant: Withstands adverse weather conditions when installed in the upright position

Camco here on Amazon


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