Campervan Stove-Oven Combo

Have the full kitchen experience, Add this Stove with oven combo to your conversion van

Custom Sprinter Camper van Stove Oven combo for your conversion van. Want to fill and cook as if you were still at home? Why not have it all in your sprinter conversion van. With the vanAtwood | DOMETIC Stove Range you can have the creature comforts when in comes to cooking anywhere you camp in your van camper. Enjoy cooking meals like you are at home in your Mercedes camper van or RV with a stove oven combo.

Camper stove top

Installing a vanAtwood | DOMETIC Stove Range in your sprinter conversion van will allow you to cook and bake all your meals no matter where you are. With a three burn stove you can cook your breakfast and make coffee at the same time. If you are really feeling like a big breakfast you can bake some biscuits or cinnamon bunns all at the same time.

vanAtwood | DOMETIC Stove Range RV-1735 BS Black/Stainless Part# 52843|Motor Homes|Campers|RVS

Camper oven

Get a DOMETIC Stove Range and enjoy your van life camping experience at a whole new level for your van build. Ambulance camper conversion stove ideas

These stoves are a great replacement RV stove oven combo. If your Motorhome stove is acting up check our this RV stove as replacement.rv accessories store.

  • Atwood quality Stove over range is perfect for replacing your old units. This Stove Features 3 burners, a broiler setting and a great look for your mobile home needs.
  • Cut out dimensions: 17.75 Deep X 20 1/4″ Wide x18 tall
  • 17 Inch 3-Burner Part# 52843

Get a Stove oven combo for your sprinter van today

DOMETIC Stove Range Best price here

Can you have an oven in a van?

Yes, You can have an oven installed in your campervan. You will need to provide the correct 110v to the stove. Out side ventilation will be needed when operation gas stoves or ovens over long period of time

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