Campervan Stove-Oven Combo

Have the full kitchen experience, Add this Stove with oven combo to your conversion van

Having a stove oven combo in your conversion van can make cooking on the road feel more like home. Here are some features to consider when choosing a stove oven combo for your van life conversion:

  1. Size: Make sure the stove oven combo fits in your galley and is the right size for your needs. Some models are more compact, while others are larger and have more features.
  2. Fuel type: Stove oven combos can run on propane, butane, or electricity. Consider which fuel type is best for your needs and where you will be camping.
  3. Power source: If you choose an electric stove oven combo, make sure you have a reliable power source, such as a solar panel system or generator.
  4. BTU output: The BTU output of the stove will determine how quickly it can cook your food. If you plan on cooking large meals or using the oven frequently, consider a stove with a higher BTU output.
  5. Features: Some stove oven combos come with additional features, such as a built-in griddle or a broiler. Consider which features are important to you and your cooking style.

The vanAtwood | DOMETIC Stove Range is a popular choice for van life conversions because it offers both a stove and oven in one compact unit. It runs on propane and has a 7,200 BTU stove and a 3,700 BTU oven. It also has a built-in broiler and a glass cover that doubles as a backsplash.

When choosing a stove oven combo for your conversion van, consider your cooking needs and style, as well as the space available in your galley. With the right stove oven combo, you can enjoy home-cooked meals on the road and make your van feel more like home.

Camper stove top

vanAtwood | DOMETIC Stove Range RV-1735 BS Black/Stainless Part# 52843|Motor Homes|Campers|RVS

Camper oven

  • Cut out dimensions: 17.75 Deep X 20 1/4″ Wide x18 tall
  • 17 Inch 3-Burner Part# 52843

Get a Stove oven combo for your sprinter van today

Suburban 3504A Standard Series Range – 17″ with Black Top/Black Door and Piezo Ignition

Can you have an oven in a van?

Yes, You can have an oven installed in your campervan. You will need to provide the correct 110v to the stove. Out side ventilation will be needed when operation gas stoves or ovens over long period of time

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