Solo Women Living the Vanlife

Solo Females living the van life dream!

Is solo female van life safe?

For the large majority of women living the van life they say yes! Saying that you will always need to follow safe practices and trust your gut at all times. I have put together some of the most viewed videos of women living the van life, what they experience and their helpful incite when living alone in a camper van.

How do you protect yourself living in a van?

13 ways to stay safe when solo camping

  • Always research the areas you will be traveling to
  • Let a friend know where you are
  • Lock your van at night
  • Point your van in the exit direction, No time to backup
  • Always know where your keys are
  • 911 speed dial
  • Always know where the nearest police, fire station and park ranger stations are located.
  • Carry bear spray for all types of bears
  • Stay as incognito as possible, especially in urban areas
  • Block out your van interior from outside eyes
  • Don’t leave valuables in site
  • Have a backup plan
  • Follow your gut always

Is Van camping safe?

Millions of people camp in campers, motorhomes and tents every year with little to no issues. Sleeping in a van is no different for van lifers. There will always be area that are not safe to be or camp, Most of the time there will be nothing to worry about. Think and practice safety and enjoy your van life. Lock your doors when you sleep and if something doesn’t feel right put your keys in the ignitions and move on.

How do I find a safe campground?

You can find camping safety tips at For camping information, please visit

Please check out my blog post on Road trip planner Travel Maps & Destination Ideas Safe places to travel to

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  1. I would love to gather with some other women and “camp” together. Solo vanlife can be VERY lonely. Is anybody in the Denver or Boulder Colorado areas?

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