Simple Van Living Shower

Weed sprayer shower

EasyGO Products Rinse All Pw10 2.1 Gallon-Car Washer Kit-Portable Camp Shower with Heavy Duty Pump Handle

I began writing a post on how to build your own DIY weed sprayer shower. After some research I found there is already a couple on the market cheaper than what it would cost to make one that offers more heads options for multi-uses. The EasyGo Products Rinse. If you are living in a van or RV without a shower this would be a great game changer for you! If you are in the middle of your van conversion and you don’t have room for a shower this is an option for you. You can take shower using the pressurized container with a shower head, clean your feet after returning from the beach or use it to rinse off your dishes. It also comes with a second spray head for high-pressure cleaning. Great way to keep clean in your van life!

Shower Head

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