Install Camper Van Shower outside

Outside shower on your Camper van Installing an outside shower in your van camper can be a great addition for several reasons: Hygiene: Having an outside shower allows you to clean yourself off before getting into your van, which can help to keep your living space clean and free of dirt and grime. It also... Continue Reading →

Recirculating shower for camper vans

Recirculating shower diy If you're a van lifer or someone who enjoys camping, you know that water is a precious resource. Traditional showers use a lot of water, which can be a problem when you're out in nature or trying to conserve water in a van. A recirculation shower is an innovative solution to this... Continue Reading →

Campervan Shower Pan

Sprinter Van shower pan If your custom sprinter conversion van does not have an indoor shower this may be an option for you. Depending on the type of portable shower you are using this plastic basin can be used as a small bath\shower. Mercedes camper Van living can pose many difficulties but there are always... Continue Reading →

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