Custom Sink

Create a Custom Sink in your Conversion Van

Create something different when designing the galley in your van build! Why not build something that will stand out in your van conversion. Wood bowl sink! Most van builds have a standard stainless-steel sink. Stainless steel will provide a great long lasting and functional sink. If you want something a little different that will turn heads, here are a few different ideas for your galley sink!

With a little handy work, you can use wood, glass or even pottery for the material on your van conversion galley sink. My blog post on Hand water pumps may be an option for your sink project.

RoRo Handcarved Wood Guacamole Soup and Salad Bowl, 12 Inch Live-Edge Bark

Ambassador Marine Half Sphere Glass Vessel Clear Smooth Glass Sink, 12-Inch Diameter x 4 3/4-Inch Deep

Lipper International 294-3 Cherry Finished Wavy Rim Serving Bowl

Ambassador Marine Half Sphere Stainless Steel Brushed Finish Sink

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