RV hand water pump

If you are building a conversion van and you want a sink with a faucet but you don’t want the hazel of dealing with electrical pumps consider installing a hand pump sink.

Installing a manual hand pump or foot pump in your van build will allow you to pump water from a water tank under your sink supplying you with water to your sink. The water then will flow down the sink drain to a second gray water container under the sink.

My blog post on custom sinks may give you some ideas on the best type of sink for your van conversion project.

TMC Self Priming Water Galley Rocket Hand Pump Faucet

  • MADE from high-quality Stainless Steel. CAPACITY of 60GPH (228LPH). Self Priming Pump
  • HAND GALLEY PUMP with built-in check valve
  • DIMENSIONS are 3 3/4″ above and Cutout 1 25/32″
  • CLEARANCE below the counter 2 7/8″
  • UNIT COMES with a 3/8″ Barb Connector

Gusher Galley MK3 Foot Pump

  • Smooth double action. Self primes and operates dry without damage
  • Handsfree operation. Right oriented foot lever
  • Easy installation. Multi directional inlet and outlet hose connections, 3 mounting options, including thru bulkhead
  • Pumps fresh and salt water 4 US gallons per minute
  • Also ideally used to prime Whale In-Line Booster pumps. Not for use in pressurized systems

Valterra Rocket Hand Pump for RV

  • COLD WATER RV FAUCET: Hand pump is ideal for RV’s and campers with a holding tank that require a pump faucet
  • EASY TO USE: Rotate the handle back and forth to pump water through the faucet
  • FUNCTIONAL PRIME LOCK: Keep the water in prime hold position for immediate water release, or leave the line in drain position to return water to the holding tank
  • EASY TO INSTALL: Simply drill a hole through the countertop, place pump, and connect hose to water tank
  • REPLACEABLE PARTS: Valterra repair kit RP320 available for making quick and easy repairs

Whale GP4618 Babyfoot Manual Freshwater Galley Pump

  • Foot-operated galley water pump makes it easy to draw water in a galley for a wide variety of applications
  • Simply pump on this unit with the bottom of your foot to draw water
  • Conveniently angled top design for easy operation
  • Connects to ½-inch flexible hose
  • Provides a max flow rate of 2. 2 GPM
  • Strong, durable 1-piece molded base, and O ring that holds the top securely in place
  • Ideal as a priming pump for use with Whale inline impeller electric pumps (sold separately)

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