Solar water pump VS RV water pump?

Custom sprinter conversion van ideas on using a different type of water pumps. If you are installing a water pump in your sprinter van conversion you may want to consider using a solar water pump instead of a standard RV water pump. Solar water pumps are much more quiet and great for a 12 volt... Continue Reading →

How to customize your van interior

Best Sprinter camper van interior ideas, make your van feel like a home Best Sprinter camper van interior ideas, make your van feel like a home. Build your van conversion with a home feel. There are many different styles of wall covering materials that can change the look and feel of your van build giving... Continue Reading →

Conversion van water expansion tank

Better Water Flow & Reduce pump cycling by adding a Thermal Expansion Tank in your camper van Custom Van camper conversion ideas to help you with water pump cycling. If you are tired of your water pump cycling on and off frequently in your van camper and your water flow pressure pulsating and splashing consider... Continue Reading →

Campervan food storage ideas

Best dry food storage ideas for Sprinter conversion vans Best dry food storage ideas for Sprinter conversion vans. Living in your sprinter van camper full time offers a new challenge in staying organized. When it comes to storing food this can be more difficult. Keeping food in the store bought box packages can cause some... Continue Reading →

Camper propane stove

Best Gas counter top stove for Sprinter Campervans Best Gas countertop stove for Custom Sprinter conversion van camper. Van conversion ideas for counter top gas stoves installations. Looking to upgrade your stove in your sprinter van or RV? Add a new propane stove top in your sprinter conversion van. Here are a few models for... Continue Reading →

RV water pump replacement

Best RV water pump Building out your custom sprinter conversion van with running water? Here are three things that will help you out. This Shurflo water pump will supply the water it operates quietly and can run dry without damage and contains a built-in check valve . Add an in line strainers to pick up... Continue Reading →

Organize your spices with Magnetic Spice Tins

RV spice containers Custom sprinter conversion van accessories. When cooking in your RV or custom sprinter conversion van, keep all your cooking spices in an easily accessible location. If you have a magnetic surface consider using the 12 Magnetic Spice Tins to store your cooking spices. It adds a decorative touch to your mercedes camper... Continue Reading →

Induction cooktop for Van Campers

The Art of cooking with solar in your Sprinter van Portable Induction Cooktop Countertop Burner Portable induction cook tops are a great way to cook in your RV or custom sprinter conversion vans if you are set up with solar power or have a generator. The portable induction cook tops are 90 percent more efficient... Continue Reading →

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